StoneLux® expert opinion:

Experts feed back on their practical use and experiences.

Caesarstone USA

The company: Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces has been using the StoneLux® repair system for over a year for high quality repairs. Caesarstone strongly recommends this product for the repair of defects in various kinds of surfaces and objects made of quartz.

With StoneLux®, we have a cost-effective and efficient technology that we have already used to repair minor damage in stone. Caesarstone regularly recommends that its customers use the StoneLux® repair system.


StoneLux is a professional product to repair Quartz and Natural Stone surfaces.

lts main benefits are:

  • Fast repairs in a single appointment
  • High surface quality and durable lustre
  • Perfect Optical integration into natural stone and Silestone@
  • Colour Stability, non-yellowing
  • No mechanical damage to neighbouring surfaces

Given the properties mentioned above, Cosentino S.A. as a manufacturer recommends Stonelux to professionals to repair our products Scalea@ and Silestone@.


StoneLux® — system of choice for the repair of Technistone surfaces

The StoneLux® professional repair system contains all the components to allow fast and high-quality repair work - from preparing and repairing the damage to finishing the repaired surface. Technistone has been using StoneLux® for the repair of a wide range of small and medium size damages; with StoneLux® quick and effective repairs can be accomplished. Technistone highly recommends StoneLux®, as the fully integrated system for effective repairs of polishable natural stone and engineered stone in interior and exterior, to our professionals and to repair Technistone Products.