LuxArt® cartridges:

Unique, light-curing colors.

The invicon design material LuxArt® is available in a wide range of standard colors, which can also be mixed with each other as desired. With this basic technology, translucent or opaque color elements with high surface quality and high durability can be realized.

Processing is structured and efficient. The Design Composite is packed ready for use in light-proof cartridges.


Significant benefits:


  • No mixing of materials necessary
  • Quick and accurate material coating
  • No material contamination
  • High material yield
  • No unwanted light curing
  • No settling out of pigments

LuxArt® cartridge 30ml

LuxArt® cartridge 5ml

Curing depths:

Light-curing material with different layer thicknesses.

Cure light-curing materials like LuxArt® with a light exposure process to different depths depending on the colour. To achieve the desired thickness, it may be necessary to apply several layers and systematically cure each of them.

Note: It is not necessary to apply Link or Bond between individual layers of LuxArt®.



Exposure to light for 1 minute with the TwinLux Dual light curing unit yields the following different colour-specific curing depths:


cora gray

nordic white

sonos black

lucid rose


siam red

silc coral

tosca orange 

neon yellow

neon orange

5,00 mm

0,50 mm

2,00 mm

0,40 mm

1,00 mm

2,00 mm

0,70 mm

0,40 mm

0,50 mm

2,00 mm

0,8 mm

sun yellow

sena green

vintage green

emerald green

petrol green

riva blue

sardic turquoise

metro blue

muscat brown

neon pink

neon green

0,50 mm

0,60 mm

0,70 mm

1,20 mm

1,10 mm

1,00 mm

1,60 mm

3,60 mm

0,50 mm

2,00 mm

2,00 mm

LuxArt® Colourframe:

The design material in a wide range of standard colors.

Storage conditions:

Store LuxArt® Design materials and Link at room temperature 15°C - 28°C.


Protect LuxArt® Design materials from direct sunlight.


Protect LuxArt® Design materials from moisture.


General information

•             Do not use products after expiration date.

•             Observe storage instructions on labels and packaging.

•             Keep out of reach of children.

Didn't found the correct color?

We produce your custom colour.

We realize colours and effects especially for you to fit your colours samples or Pantone/RAL-colourcodes.

Small aberrations up to dE ≤ 2.0 are possible because of different colour measurement systems.




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