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invicon composite materials for design and repair

From dental application to design production and repair

The basic idea is quite simple: to further develop proven blue-light curing polymer composite materials from the dental industry and to make them usable for professional application in watch and jewellery design, as well as for surface repairs of natural and engineered stone, glass and ceramic products.

The result is a range of modern and highly specialized composites that can be used for design or repair, depending on their composition and material properties.

StoneLux® 2.0 is a complete repair system for professional use. It is ideal for the repair of scratches, chips or holes on eg.: kitchen countertops, stone steps, tiles, stoneware, ceramics and glass, and it is quickly and easily made, also almost invisible.

The products HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon® are used in watch, jewellery and design object production. Here, a high quality finish, with expressive colour accents, strength and hardness are required and demanded, along with the possibility for subsequent material fine-tuning.

Locally and Internationally Networked

invicon chemical solutions has a strong network of service and trading partners worldwide. Customers have the assurance that they are always well advised, trained and supplied. The invicon customer service team are happy to help and advise on current developments and innovations in products and services.


Together - successful and strong

We are convinced that communication is the key to success. Therefore, we attach great importance to feedback from our customers and trading partners. We include their experiences in our ongoing research, product optimization and future development.

Constructive thinking and working

By keeping our eyes open and using external specialists as professional "sparring partners", we remain entrepreneurially active. For the benefit of current and new customers and trading partners - every new development is, at the same time, a critical and constructive check of our existing solution approaches. Additionally, we receive research input from universities and institutes which enables us to also check/test our products and working methods with this external input and, as necessary, to further develop our products and solutions to higher levels.