HyCeram® Luminex:

Hybrid ceramics with luminescent pigments.

The processing of the design material HyCeram® Luminex opens up new design options for both day and night. This hybrid ceramic has powerful luminescent pigments that glow in the dark intensively and are long-lasting; available in different shades of green and blue.

  • Advanced colour combinations for day and night design
  • High gloss or matt finish surfaces
  • Scratch-resistant surface with a microhardness of 600-800 N/mm²
  • Design of free-standing 3D products with maximum luminescence (eg. dial applications)
  • Moisture resistant – can also feature on exposed watch and jewellery surfaces without encapsulation (eg. on watch dials).
  • Significant cost savings due to reduced, needed SuperLuminova concentration. (Achieve 100 % luminescent effect with only 70 % SLN pigment concentration.


In order to fully explore the potential of the luminescent properties of this material, invicon and RC Tritec have formed a strategic cooperation together. RC Tritec is the leading manufacturer of luminescent pigments Swiss Super-LumiNova®, which are mainly used in the Swiss watch industry.

Item number: 278001
Luminex HV yellow, 5ml

Item number: 278003
Luminex HV white, 5ml

Item number: 278005
Luminex HV green, 5ml

Item number: 278007
Luminex HV turquoise, 5ml