Luxon® Print Technology:

for designs with depth.

Working with Luxon®pure clear opens up a variety of new design possibilities, e.g. for the design of motif jewellery. The acrylate material is applied to a special printing foil, which can be designed to produce high-resolution photorealistic images. Luxon®pure clear forms a protective and lightfast seal on the motif insert. Having both the standard or blended colour pigment additionally treated with Luxon®pure clear, the print design is especially well accentuated with greater depth tone and 3D effect.

Printing foil, 210x297mm, 25 pcs.
Item number: 292605

Luxon® print technology process method.

Production and processing explained - step by step.

The processing of Luxon® print technology follows a clearly defined concept and procedure. In this video we explain, step by step, how the print technology is processed, hardened and finished.