Well Planned

our product materials are bio-compatible

Bio-compatibility – i.e. harmless for humans and nature – has top priority at invicon! Our composites are developments of materials from the dental industry, where they already meet the most stringent specifications and standards. We maintain these standards and transfer them to our materials.

From the first production step up to professional application and use, we guarantee the consistent implementation of all legal regulations. Internal and external quality assurance controls accompany these processes and make every single step transparent and comprehensible.


Medically, materials are biocompatible if they, when in direct contact with living tissue, do not exert any negative influence on its metabolism. As a further development of such materials, all of our composites and design materials meet the stringent requirements of ISO 10993.


REACH stands for "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals" and is a European Union regulation that has been issued for the protection of human health and the environment. All invicon products meet the REACH requirements.


How we pack and deliver our products really depends only on the actual package content and we make sure we pack as efficiently as possible. We believe being environmental aware and responsible is a world priority. If necessary, we will even recycle packaging to avoid waste. Would this idea be something for you?

Social Responsibility

We help our fellow humans to master the daily challenges of their lives and their goals to the best of their abilities. With this focus on social responsibility, we promote and support the activities of the Disabled Sports Association, the Special Olympics and the Children’s Heart organisations.