LuxArt® design composite:

with ceramic content for greater surface hardness.
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With 35% ceramic content and organic matrix, LuxArt® combines the processing benefits of Luxon® with more hardness and abrasion resistance. Its composition makes LuxArt® even better suited for creative designs with opaque surfaces. The design material is blue light curing and has a surface hardness of 210 N / mm².

  • Expressive, attractive colour items can be achieved
  • Distinctive surface hardness of 210 N/mm²
  • Particularly efficient cartridge application
  • Material flows nicely thanks to thixotropic materials
  • Quick and systematic light curing
  • Less colour and UV-resistant than HyCeram
  • Can be polished brightly or to a high gloss
  • Very glossy surfaces are also possible without polishing.
    (Curing in the CeraLux light curing unit with nitrogen)
  • Durable in galvanising baths

Ringholder red


Item number: 200081
Jeweler tools. Simplified application to rings.

Luxon® Link


Item number: 292800
Metal Primer, packaged ready for use in a 1 ml application pen. Ensures excellent and long-lasting chemical bonding between LuxArt® and metal

HyCeram® Bond


Item number: 200043
HyCeram® Bond, syringe 3ml
Item number: 200044
HyCeram® Bond bottle, 40ml
Metal glue, packaged ready for use in a 3ml syringe or 40ml bottle. Ensures increased bonding between LuxArt® and metal

Microbrush superfine


Item number: 200049
100 pcs. Microbrushes for applying Bond composite material

Microbrush regular


Item number: 200048
100 pcs. Microbrushes for applying Bond composite material

HeatingPlate 2.0


Item number: 200018
Heating plate with a glass top and mixing vat heats up LuxArt® to a maximum of 60 °C. This allows different colours to be mixed together quickly and easily.

digital dosingsystem 100


Item number: 200005
Desktop dosing system for precise application of LuxArt® material from cartridges.
A supply of compressed air is required to use this.

TwinLux dual UV/LED unit


Item number: 200019
Hand-held device with combined UV and blue light. Ideal for curing Bond and LuxArt®
Wavelength range of blue light: 440 nm - 480 nm
Wavelength range of UV light: ED 350 nm - 375 nm

application instrument with rack


Item number: 200082
Jeweler tool. The instrument tray serves to drop the probe during processing. Furthermore, to put down a 20g Luxon® color can is possible.

Luxart® 30ml

Item numbers according to the color: 295001 - 295036
Luxart® Design Composite is packaged ready-for-use in a 30ml light-proof cartridge

Luxart® 5ml

Item numbers according to the color: 295001 - 295036
Luxart® Design Composite is packaged ready-for-use in a 5ml light-proof cartridge

metall cannulas 0,4mm


Item number: 200051
15 pcs. Pack of application cannulas Ø 0.4mm

plastic cannulas


Item number: 200062
15 pcs. Pack of application cannulas Ø 1.0mm

metall cannulas 0,6mm


Item number: 200052
15 pcs. Pack of application cannulas Ø 0.6mm

CeraLux - Productive light curing

Particularly efficient and cost-saving curing of HyCeram®, LuxArt® or Luxon® materials

The light-curing design composites LuxArt® or Luxon® can be used to create excellent colour elements on jewellery or watch objects. In addition, light-curing bonding materials (Bond II and Bond THX NF) provide a high bond strength of design composites to all metal substrates. These materials are introduced into the respective object in liquid form and then specifically hardened with blue light.

CeraLux can also be retrofitted with an optional nitrogen N2 set. This allows light curing under inert gas atmosphere. This produces high-gloss, hard colour elements completely without grinding and polishing; extremely fast and strikingly beautiful.

  • Voluminous exposure space of 30x30x30cm
  • Fast light curing
  • High-gloss surfaces without polishing
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
More information about the CeraLux volume light unit

The LuxArt® Material:

All properties summarized.

LuxArt® is a light-curing composite material based on high-quality, microfine ground ceramics and modern, 3D cross-linked polymers. The single-component material and can be applied directly from the cartridge.


With this basic technology, translucent or opaque coloured items with high surface quality and a high level of durability can be achieved. The treatment is structured and efficient.

Physical properties

Ceramic content: 35 % GEW

Microhardness: 210 N/mm²

Density: 1.4


Thermally stable up to 160 °C > 10 hours

Thermally stable up to 200 °C < 1 hour


Meets REACH, RoHS standards

LuxArt® installation made easy.

A few steps, easy to understand and simple to use.

In the following video you will find a step-by-step description of the set-up and installation of our HyCeram® devices.

Get Ready

  • Before the first set-up, make sure that the workplace is clean and check the necessary connections for compressed air and electricity.
  • You can find more set-up videos on our YouTube Channel.

Optimal processing of LuxArt®.

production and processing explained - step by step.

The processing of LuxArt® follows a clearly defined concept and procedure. In this video we explain, step by step, how this design composite is processed, hardened and finished:

  • After the preparation of the area, sandblast or laser it, and then clean it.
  • Apply Link / Bond and secure the bond between LuxArt® and the metal.
  • Cure the bond with TwinLux Dual or in CeraLux.
  • Connect the LuxArt® cartridges to the dosing system and apply the design composite (ATTENTION: Please note the different layer thicknesses.)
  • Cure the coated items with a suitable TwinLux Dual or CeraLux light unit.
  • Then continue to work in the cured surface mechanically (smooth down, polish), (provided that it wasn’t cured under nitrogen).

LuxArt® colours:
Colour Variety

The LuxArt® basic colour scheme includes a carefully selected range of standard colours, all of which may also be combined to allow further vibrant colour shades to be created. This enables personalised individual colours to be mixed according to Pantone or RAL codes, also matched to personal colour samples.

to the colour spectrum
Jewellery and design with LuxArt®
Expressive colours and effects.

Jewellery and design pieces: Creative jewelry full of colourful splendor and exciting accents.

to the jewellery

Surface Repair in Practise:

HyCeram® and Luxon® training and workshops

Providing additional service and support, we offer HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon® workshops and training that give you (and your employees) the professional understanding and ability to work with this design material.

  • Practice-orientated workshops
  • Small workgroups
  • Theoretical principle and practical implementation
  • Tips and tricks from experienced trainers
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