Development Continum

One innovative step after another
Market Launch: StoneLux® 2.0
September 2022

Since 2004, we have been repairing surface damage to natural and artificial stone with the revolutionary StoneLux® repair process. Damage can be repaired quickly and almost invisibly.

With the new repair generation: StoneLux® 2.0, this wealth of experience is now available to all users. For even better and more efficient repairs in daily practice.

Market Launch: CeraLux
August 2019

The all new CeraLux volume light unit for curing LuxArt® and Luxon® color design materials. It is also suitable for light curing Bond or Bond THX composite media from the HyCeram® colour design system.

With the optionally available nitrogen kit, LuxArt® or Luxon® color elements obtain automatically a hard and glossy surface without a smear layer.

Market Launch: LuxArt®
February 2019

LuxArt® our third design material after HyCeram® and Luxon®. Its composition makes it even better suited for creative designs for opaque surfaces. With 35% ceramic content and organic matrix,  LuxArt®combines the processing benefits of Luxon® with more hardness and abrasion resistance. The design material is blue light curing and has a surface hardness of 210 N / mm².

Expansion: Training
August 2018

In order to provide training and further education for users and customers independent of ongoing operations, invicon has expanded the company space at the Kunert location to around 1,000 m2. The training centre will be equipped with fully developed work and processing stations.

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Co-operation: RC Tritec
May 2017

RC Tritec and invicon envisioned a strategic co-operation. With the variety of colors in HyCeram® and the luminescent pigments of Swiss Super-LumiNova®, new combination and design possibilities for day and night (light and dark environments) could be developed.

Market Launch: HyCeram® Inject
March 2016

invicon adapted the proven hybrid ceramic material HyCeram® for industrial injection molding. With HyCeram® inject, high-quality components can be manufactured by injection molding in a direct, efficient and precise manner.

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Market Launch: Luxon®
January 2015

our second new material after HyCeram®, Luxon® is mainly used in the design and jewellery industry. The blue-light-curing compound is ideal for the simple use and production of transparent-colored elements.

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Expansion: the Kunert Areal (Rankweil)
July 2012

invicon continued to grow and evolve. With more than 600 m2 of working space, this new area provided the ideal setting for further and continued expansion.

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Market Launch: HyCeram®
February 2010

With the market launch of HyCeram® we presented a ground-breaking new hybrid ceramic product for the watch and jewellery market as well as the production of associated design components. The pressure and heat-curing composite with 60% micro-ceramic content, has impressed with its flexible processing options, sophisticated appearance and vibrant color tones.

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Market Launch: StoneLux® Tile
May 2009

With the market launch of StoneLux® Tile , invicon presented and patented it’s further developed repair system. The anti-drip function, was especially developed for tiles and slabs, making it suitable for the repair of surface-damaged materials that are often laid vertically on walls.

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Expansion: the Lustenau Millennium Park
October 2005

As the first business location was designed only for short-term use only, invicon moved to Lustenau Millennium Park. With more than 300 m2 of laboratory, office and warehouse space, this provided the appropriate environment for future development and expansion.

Market Launch: StoneLux®
Okcober 2004

With the market launch of StoneLux®, came the world's first light-curing, flexible and easily use-able repair technology for natural and engineered stone. Today StoneLux® is already recognised as a state-of-the-art product and the world's leading brand in this field.

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Idea and Foundation
January 2004

Gerhard Zanghellini and Peter Bubendorfer established invicon chemical solutions. The business idea for the company: to transfer basic technologies from the dental industry for alternative industrial and manual application and to further develop them specifically for this purpose.