Components and manufacture

Individual processing and manufacture from start to the finished object.

Making a watch or jewellery item involves many different phases and steps. You determine the scope of work and, upon request, invicon handles the professional processing of the design materials HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon® to match your product idea. If required, we also organise the further production steps right up to the finished object.


Colour and Shape
Attention to detail.

Take advantage of our craftsmanship and expertise with our proven design materials HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon®which we combine with watch and jewellery components using classic "filling technology".

You determine which work steps are taken over by invicon: the preparation, the application of the design material, right up to the grinding and finishing - everything is possible.

Component Production
Turning, milling and drilling.

Once the component parts are filled with the high quality HyCeram® composite, we can, via one of our network partners, offer the next stage: the further specialized mechanical processing of the raw filled product, bringing it to a finished state.

Machine-processing with high-end milling and turning machines, allows not only the production of simple shapes but also complex geometrical patterns and precise holes - within a tolerance of 0.02mm. The result: high quality finished component products that exactly meet your specifications.

HyCeram® injection moulding
For series production.

As a further development of the proven design material HyCeram®, the hybrid ceramic material HyCeram® Injectis suitable for automatic processing in injection moulding systems. The production advantages: lower material usage, shorter processing times and subsequent sintering are eliminated.

In close cooperation with the globally recognized injection moulding system manufacturer Wittmann Battenfeld, we have perfected the processing of using HyCeram® Inject. It is now possible to cast and harden micro and small components with a material volume of up to 4cm3 in just one step (with a high-gloss surface) - ideal for the faster and more efficient production of larger quantity requirements.

Step by step
You determine the scope of work.

invicon assists you in the implementation of your creative ideas with advice and guidance. As specialists for the proven design materials HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon®, we are also happy to take on the professional processing of the composite materials and, via network partners, we also offer the further mechanical working of components and objects to produce your finished project.

You determine the scope of the outsourced processes - from the first step through to complete production, including quality assurance and documentation. Of course, we regularly keep you informed of the status of your project throughout the production process.