HyCeram® colours:

colour variety for watches and fine jewellery.

HyCeram® hybrid ceramics are available in a wide range of standard colours for opaque, pearl and luminescent designs.

Item numbers for MV: 220001 - 220038
Item numbers for HV: 230001 - 230038
18 standard colors (HV, MV)

Item numbers for MV Pearl: 250001 - 250014
Item numbers for HV Pearl: 260001 - 260014
7 Pearl colors (HV, MV)

Item numbers for MV sparkling: 250015 - 250018
Item numbers for HV sparkling: 260015 - 260018
2 Sparkling colors (HV, MV)

Item numbers for HV Luminex: 278001 - 278007
4 Luminex afterglow colors (HV)

30ml cartridge HyCeram® standard colour

30ml cartridge HyCeram® pearl colour

5ml cartridge HyCeram® standard colour

5ml cartridge HyCeram® pearl colour

5ml cartridge HyCeram® Luminex

HyCeram® colourframe standard

HyCeram® colourframe pearl and Luminex

Storage conditions:

Store HyCeram® Design materials and Link at room temperature 15°C - 28°C.


Store HyCeram® onyx black, deep black, pearl red, sparkling brown and sparkling black Design materials in the refrigerator 2°C - 8°C.


Protect HyCeram® Design materials from direct sunlight.


Protect HyCeram® Design materials from moisture.



Before processing HyCeram® materials, warm them for 3-4 hours at room temperature 15°C - 28°C, protect the cartridges from direct sunlight and moisture.


Storage stability:

  • HyCeram® HV shades
  • HyCeram® MV/LV/Luminex shades
  • HyCeram® Link
  • HyCeram® Link NF
  • HyCeram® Bond NF
  • HyCeram® Bond II and Bond THX NF
  • 2 years at room temperature
  • 3 years at room temperature
  • 1,5 years at room temperature
  • 1 years at room temperature
  • 5 years at room temperature
  • 4  years at room temperature

General information

•             Do not use products after expiration date.

•             Observe storage instructions on labels and packaging.

•             Keep out of reach of children.

Didn't found the correct color?

We produce your custom colour.

We realize colours and effects specially for you to fit your colours samples or Pantone/RAL -colourcodes. Small aberrations up to dE    2.0 are possible because of different colour measurement systems.