HyCeram® turning and milling

Colored blanks made of high-quality hybrid ceramic.

HyCeram® can also be turned and milled. Depending on the design, we at Invicon provide colored blanks made of high-quality hybrid ceramics for further machining.
We design the geometry of these HyCeram® blanks individually and object-specific. In this way we ensure the shortest possible processing times and allow the optimum implementation of the respective turning and milling strategies.

Using modern CNC lathes or milling machines, we create precise HyCeram® solid objects for creative watch and jewelry objects, or fascinating elements for high-quality writing instruments, eyeglasses and much more. In addition to flat, high-gloss or matt surfaces, the turning and milling technology also enables the production of three-dimensional, structured HyCeram® surfaces.

Hybrid-ceramic blanks

  • Project specific, optimized blank geometries
  • Extensive standard colour palette available or custom colours can be produced (analogous to Pantone or RAL codes)
  • Milling precision hybrid ceramic 0,02mm
  • Sharp edges and threads possible

Turning and milling parameters

  • Diamond tools recommended
  • Speed and feed individually depending on object geometry and CNC type
  • Integrated dust extractor recommended
  • Oil-free cooling


Tested quality tools

For optimum HyCeram® turning and milling processing, we recommend diamond tools from

DIATEC Diamanttechnik GmbH, Pforzheim, Germany.



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Contact person for HyCeram® blanks
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