Repair systems StoneLux® and StoneLux® Tile.

For natural and engineered stone.

The powerful and intelligent StoneLux®- and StoneLux® Tile repair systems are designed by invicon for professional use. Surface damage to natural stone and engineered stone slabs and tiles, stonewear, ceramics and glass can be repaired, rather than the whole damaged unit being replaced, taking more time and at more expense. The repair materials are light-cured, fully functional and resilient after a curing time of only 60 seconds.


Each element of an entire StoneLux® repair system is optimized and matched to each other. invicon includes all the materials needed for an almost invisible repair of surface damage to natural and engineered stone. We have included everything necessary for a professional application in a robust case. If necessary, the basic case contents can always be supplemented and replaced as needed.

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StoneLux® Tile

This StoneLux® Tile repair system includes all the materials required for a professional repair of surface damage to tiles, slabs, stoneware, ceramics and glass. The working materials are viscous and thixotropic* - the patented anti-drip viscosity means it can even be applied directly to vertical surfaces.

(*thixotropic = liquid during work/application, viscous before and after)

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Surface repair in practice:

Workshops and Training with StoneLux® and StoneLux® Tile.

The professional handling of StoneLux® and StoneLux® Tile needs a solid foundation! invicon offers customised hands-on workshops and training with our proven repair systems - either at your site or in our new invicon training center.

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