Personalised invicon services

Solutions adapted for your specific needs.

Invicon’s hardenable materials – HyCeram®, LuxArt®, Luxon®, StoneLux® and StoneLux® Tile – have proven to be a world-wide success. Nevertheless, there are always individual requirements that can deviate from the classic material processing directions. Tailor-made, customised solutions are often requested, which we at invicon are happy to fulfil, developing and manufacturing your products especially for you.


Manufacturing and Processing

You have the creative idea, but you can not cover the entire production process yourself? Then we'll take care of that for you - and process the design materials HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon® according to your specifications, right up to the finished product: watches, jewellery, or other fine design pieces. On request we will also manufacture individual and personalised color-refined pieces.



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Adapted composites

Individual technical specifications and requirements may require the adaptation or new development of a material. invicon is the right contact for this! We look forward to this challenge and take over the development of the material, the process engineering and the implementation; we also develop and deliver employee training for working with this material.

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