design materials HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon®:

for watches, jewellery and design pieces of the highest quality.

Exclusive design elements require suitable materials that can be processed simply and efficiently. Using such superior compound materials gives the products in which they are used an unmatchable luxurious lustre, eg: for watches and jewellery. The design materials HyCeram®, LuxArt® and Luxon® from invicon fulfil these requirements.


hybrid ceramics with 60% ceramic content

This hybrid ceramic design material is a combination of 60% microfine ceramic and modern 3D polymers. This combination makes HyCeram® the ideal material for fine watches, jewellery and writing instruments, as well as having uses in the medtech and automotive industries. Considering its design features, HyCeram® impresses with its color intensity and color stability, a pleasant feel and a surface hardness of 410 N/mm².

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design composite with 35% ceramic content

Designed for sophisticated jewellery manufacture, LuxArt® has a 35% ceramic content and organic matrix, luxurious color qualities and a surface hardness of 210 N/mm². Used directly from the cartridge and hardened using efficient blue-light curing; color-intensive, opaque or semitransparent objects can be quickly and easily manufactured.

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ceramic-free design acrylate

Having flexible color options and vibrant color accents with maximum stability: Luxon® is the ideal acrylate design material for jewellery and other decorative products. The light-curing, ceramic-free design material is particularly suitable for color-transparent applications and has a surface hardness of 140 N/mm². Customable levels of transparency, pastel effects and effect pigmentation, offer additional creative possibilities.

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Design materials in practice:

Workshops and trainings around HyCeram® and Luxon®.

Learn more about our power workshops and trainings (internal and external) and step in the most efficiant way to the HyCeram®LuxArt® and Luxon® technology. Our service and support is guaranteed.

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  • theoretical basics and practical work
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