Repair is what you make of it!

This is NEW with the 2.0 repair system

Case conception

Basic cases and various supplementary modules make your repair work even more comprehensive and versatile.

For example, you can easily adapt and connect the new ceramics module with the practical ConneX click system to the professional and compacc cases.

Everything is in one hand and long distances are made easier.

Ceramic repair module

14 new repair pastes are color-coordinated with modern sintered ceramics, quartz composite, stoneware, tiles and sanitary ceramics surfaces.

Together with other helpful details such as high-performance burs, separator pens, opaquer white, etc., defects on these modern materials can also be repaired in a particularly color-near and productive manner.

blue:tron power light

Powerful performance: 4 x more powerful and 4 x faster.
This reduces original curing times from 1 minute to just 15 seconds.

Additional features make Blue:tron even more practical:

Soft edge device design                OLED Display
Display function keys                     3 battery packs
3 blue light LED                                 USB connection

Dual Primer System

High and durable bonding of repair materials to different surface substrates is a crucial success factor.

Two primers are now available for this purpose. The new primer "universal" and the proven primer "granite" provide a high and long-lasting adhesion to the respective repair object.

Detail optimizations

Success is in the details with many individual improvements.

For example:
Filler material in XL cartridges                     
4 coordinated fine sanding pads
structure crystal sizes in 3 colors             
fine flow sealer for sealers

Stamp repair technique

Many objects made of modern ceramics impress with their refined textures. The repair of such 3D surfaces can be successfully carried out with innovative stamping technology.

Overview of the systems

Extensively equipped repair kit for natural stone, quartz composite, stoneware, ceramics and tiles.

StoneLux® 2.0 professional

Basic repair set for natural stone, quartz composite, stoneware, ceramics and tiles.

StoneLux® 2.0 compacc

Supplementary set for optimized repair of quartz composite and ceramic surfaces.

StoneLux® 2.0 ceramics


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