StoneLux Eco® MonoLux

Repairing natural and artificial stone instead of replacing it.
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Particularly in the case of surface damage to natural stone or artificial stone that has already been built in, repair is often the only option. Scratches, cracks, cracks or holes can be repaired quickly and almost invisibly with StoneLux®. The invicon repair system is ideal for such professional applications.

  • Colour stability over many years
  • Repair range up to 3.7 t/cm2 can be loaded immediately after curing
  • 75 kg/cm2 Adhesion to the stone
  • Powerful light units for curing in minutes
  • Temperature resistant (-20 °C - 120 °C)
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
StoneLux® Repair Marble

A repair system with system

The StoneLux® repair system consists of interlocking components. invicon already offers "pre-configured" complete systems made to measure - tailored to the professional application on site. We have combined all materials and the accessories required for surface repair in a robust case. Everything is available in its place and with a handle. The materials can be easily reordered and individually supplemented as required.

StoneLux Primer, 1ml

StoneLux Color white, 2ml

StoneLux Color black, 2ml

StoneLux Color Transpa, 2ml

3 pieces mixing spatulas

grinding cylinder

Monolux LED

polishing paste, 4g

scraper blade

Monolux Box

10 pieces grinding rosettes 1500
3 pieces jerseys
1 piece of transparent film small
15 pieces cannulas plastic