StoneLux® Tile:

Customised repair system for stone and ceramic tiles.

Tiles, slabs, stonewear, ceramics and glass - whether wall or floor mounted, indoor or outdoor – can easily have scratches, cracks or holes. Rather than replacing the whole tile, a surface repair with StoneLux® Tile saves both time and money. This repair system has been especially developed for use on tiles and slabs; the working materials are viscous and thixotropic* - the patented anti-drip viscosity means it can even be applied directly to vertical surfaces.

(*thixotropic = liquid during work/application, viscous before and after)

  • Color stable, no yellowing
  • Repair area up to 4.1t/cm2 can be loaded immediately after curing
  • 85 kg/cm2 adhesion to the working surface
  • Suitable for both smooth and textured surfaces
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Temperature resistant (-25°C to +120°C)
  • Thixotropic: also applicable in vertical surfaces
StoneLux® Tile

Complete Tile Repair System

The components of the StoneLux® Tile complete repair system are optimally selected and combined in order to ensure that everything needed is always clearly arranged and ready at hand for the surface repair of tiles and slabs. invicon provides pre-assembled case systems, though of course it is also possible to assemble personalised systems to match your own requirements. All the necessary materials and accessories required for repair work are combined in this complete case system and any components can be reordered or supplemented as necessary to replace or enhance your complete system.

Our system variants for you.

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