StoneLux® Repair System:

Natural and engineered stone repair instead of replacement.
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In situ repair is often the only option especially for surface damage to firmly installed natural or engineered stone. Scratches, cracks or holes can be repaired quickly and almost invisibly with StoneLux®. The repair system from invicon is ideal for professional application.

  • Colour-stable over many years
  • Repair area up to 3.7 t/cm2 can be loaded immediately after curing
  • 75 kg/cm2 adhesive strength
  • Powerful lighting devices for instant curing
  • Temperature resistant (-20°C to +120°C)
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
StoneLux® marble repairing

A Complete Repair System

The StoneLux® repair system consists of combinable component products. invicon already offers "pre-configured" complete systems, tailored for professional application on site. We have included everything necessary for a professional surface repair application in a robust case. If required, the basic case contents can always be customised, supplemented, extended and replaced as needed.

StoneLux Professional Kit (TwinLux)
Item number: 110001
StoneLux Professional Kit without cleaning solution and Pyrosil gas (TwinLux)
Item number: 110001-1

Cleaning solution


Item number: 110128
1x ethanol solution, 150ml

The cleaning solution is used to clean the repair area from all possible dirt.


Bonding agent

Item number: 110100
1x pen, 1ml

The primer pen is used as an bonding agent between the surface to be repaired and our material.

Transpa flow

Repair material

Item number: 110102
2x syringe, 3ml

Transpa Flow repair material is used for small corrective repairs or as top layer on high-gloss stone surfaces.


Repair material

Item number: 110101
1x syringe, 3ml

Base material is used as filler to reduce the depth of the repair area.


repair material

Item numbers according to the color: 110103 - 110110
8x syringe, 2ml
(white, marble white, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, black)

Repair materials in earthy tones, especially for color characterization of natural stones.

Retouching Pen

Surface treatment

Item number: 110130
1x black, 1ml

Micro porosities can be incorporated and retouched with this pen in addition to the repair material. (Solvent-unresistant)

Application instruments


Item number: 110134
4 pieces, plastic

Tool for mixing or applying the repair material.

Structure Crystals


Item numbers depending on the color and the size: 110149 - 110160
3 x X3, crystal size 0.64 - 1.00mm, jar 4 g
(white, transparent, black)
3 x X2, crystal size 0.16 - 0.63mm, jar 4 g
(white, transparent, black)

Excellent for natural stones with crystal grains such as marble. Is mixed into the repair material or sprinkled over the surface and then processed further.

Working beaker with accessories


1x working cup
Item number: 110127
6x silicone abrasive cloth (2 each with grit size 2400/3200/4000)
Artikelnummer: 110123/110124/110125
5x transparent films
item number: 110131
10x tricots
item number: 110126
15x plastic cannulas
Item number: 110132
1x mixing pad plexiglass
Item number: 110133

The working cup is filled with water for wet grinding.
The fine micro cracks and slight surpluses of the repair material are regrinded with the silicone abrasive cloth.
The transparent foil is used to harden the material under exclusion of Co2 to obtain a pre-polished, smooth surface.
The cotton jersey clothes are ideal for lint-free cleaning of the repair area.
The plastic cannulas are screwed onto the syringes for better, more targeted dosing. For 100% light exclusion after use, close again with the original cap.
All materials can be mixed on the Plexiglas mixing plate. (Cover with UV protection glass - light-curing material)

Pyrosil gas refill

Bonding agent

Item number: 110117

The Pyrosil gas is a butane-propane mixture with added chemicals and used for e.g. soft stones, because an artificial SiOx layer has to be created.

Pyrosil torch

Bonding agent

Item number: 110118

The Pyrosil gas is a butane-propane mixture with added chemicals and used for e.g. soft stones, because an artificial SiOx layer has to be created.

TwinLux LED power


Item number: 110050
Powerful light unit, 2 LEDs with a wavelength of 440nm - 480nm, for a polymerization of light-curing materials within minutes

Composite planer


Item number: 110119

The planer is used to remove the excess repair material. (Blade can be used on both sides - magnetic attachment)

Grinding and polishing block


Item number: 110121

The cork side is used for sanding with the abrasive cloth. For this purpose the repair material is reground after planing and prepared for polishing.
Filz side is used for polishing, to work in the polishing paste in circular movements.

Polishing paste


Item number: 110129
1x bottle, 150ml

The polishing paste is applied to the repaired area and worked in with circular movements and pressure using a polishing block.

Storage conditions:

Store StoneLux® materials and Primer at room temperature 15°C - 28°C.


Protect StoneLux® materials from direct sunlight.


Protect StoneLux® materials from moisture.


Storage stability:

  • StoneLux® flow and StoneLux® colors
  • StoneLux® Primer
  • StoneLux® crystals
  • 4 years at room temperature
  • 3 years at room temperature
  • 10  years at room temperature

General information

•             Do not use products after expiration date.

•             Observe storage instructions on labels and packaging.

•             Keep out of reach of children.

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