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Composites and their application for design and repair.

Here you will find general information about the composites of invicon, their application as design materials for watch and jewellery objects, as well as for the surface repair of stone and tiles. The downloads are prepared in PDF format and can be opened and read independently.



HyCeram® Presentation

System overlay HyCeram®

HyCeram® REACH conform

HyCeram® biocompatibility

HyCeram® favorite color

HyCeram® special colors

Default-, Pearl- and Luminex colors

HyCeram® facts

HyCeram® Impulse 2014

HyCeram® Impulse 2015

GI HyCeram® Preheater


Luxon® Glamour effects

Luxon® day fluorescent color

Luxon® default colors


Example edges repair

Example font correction

Recommendation Ceasarstone

Recommendation Technistone EN

Recommendation Cosentino EN

REACH conform

System component overlay

StoneLux® Tile

REACH conform

System component overlay


Design Positioning