Luxon® design acrylate:

ceramic-free compound material, full of color diversity.

Jewellery and accessories with appealing vibrant color properties are the preferred application for Luxon® by invicon. This design material makes it possible to achieve luxurious and vibrant color properties - from transparent to neon - simply. There are hardly any limits to creativity! The standard Luxon® color spectrum can be combined and mixed to achieve a far wider color range. By further combining the pure clear additive, Luxon® is suitable for transparent shades, with the atlas white additive, pastel shades can be achieved. Combination with sparkling effect pigments additionally expands the color-finish possibilities.

  • High-quality surfaces with good color stability
  • Surfaces can be polished to individual requirements 
  • (matt finish – high gloss)
  • Strong bonding to metal
  • Transparent color design possible (window enamel technique)
  • Rapid curing with visible blue light (480 nm)
  • Ready to use without blending
  • Efficient application, also possible with dosing system

Luxon® material properties:

the acrylate design material for fine decorative products.

The light-cured ceramic-free acrylate design material Luxon® is ideally suited for the design of jewellery, fine decorative products and product applications with especially colour-transparent design requirements. This transparency is achieved through the addition of pure clear. Pastel design shades can be achieved using atlas white.

ringholder red


Luxon® Link


Pen 1ml

HyCeram® Bond


HyCeram® Bond, syringe 3g
HyCeram® Bond, bottle 40g

Microbrush regular or superfine


100 pcs

Microbrush regular or superfine


100 pcs

HeatingPlate 2.0


light protection box orange


print foil


A4, 25 pcs

TwinLux dual UV/LED unit


application instrument with rack


Luxon® pure colours


20g or 50g

Luxon® standard und flash colors


20g or 50g

Luxon® sparkling powder



Luxon® professional process method:

production and processing explained - step by step.

Die Durchhärtung von Luxon® hängt von der Farbe und der Schichtstärke des Materials ab. Je nach gewünschtem Effekt bedarf es einer oder mehrerer Materialschichten und dementsprechenden Belichtungen mit dem Blaulicht.

  • Sandstrahlen der Metalloberfläche inklusive Seitenwände
  • Reinigung
  • Applikation von Luxon® Link
  • Aufwärmen des Luxon® Materials
  • Applikation von Luxon® am Schmuckrohling
  • Lichthärten mit UV-Licht (440-480nm)
  • Abwischen der Schmierschicht
  • Schleifen
  • Polieren

Luxon® in practise
Finishing Effects:

The cured hardness of Luxon® depends on the color and thickness of the material. Depending on the desired color effect required, one or more layers of material and corresponding hardening by blue-light exposure is necessary.

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Luxon® Print Technology
Pure clear:

refinement, depth and 3D effects for structures, designs or even photos. Luxon® pure clear is applied over a special high-res printing foil as a protective sealant.

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Luxon® jewellery and design:
Transparent design sensational colours.

Exciting design with intermixable colors and individually graded transparency or pastel effects.

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Surface Repair in Practise:

HyCeram® and Luxon® training and workshops

Providing additional service and support, we offer HyCeram® and Luxon® workshops and training that give you (and your employees) the professional understanding and ability to work with this design material.

  • Practice-orientated workshops
  • Small workgroups
  • Theoretical principle and practical implementation
  • Tips and tricks from experienced trainers
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