Luxon® colours:

wide colour spectrum, easy to use.

Luxon® by invicon is available in a wide range of standard and fluorescent colours. The colours can be further mixed as desired and enriched with effect pigments. In addition, it is also possible for individual specialized colours to be created matching specific Pantone* and RAL* codes, or to personal colour samples*.

* Slight deviations up to dE ≤ 2.0 are possible due to different colour measuring systems.

Luxon® colour available in 20ml und 50ml

Luxon® sparkling powder with 10g

Luxon® colourstand standard

Luxon® colourstand flash and sparkling colours

Storage conditions:

Store Luxon® Design materials and Link at room temperature 15°C - 28°C.


Protect Luxon® Design materials from direct sunlight.


Protect Luxon® Design materials from moisture.


Storage stability

  • Luxon® shades
  • Luxon® Link
  • HyCeram® Bond II
  • 4 years at room temperature
  • 1,5 years at room temperature
  • 4  years at room temperature

General information

•             Do not use products after expiration date.

•             Observe storage instructions on labels and packaging.

•             Keep out of reach of children.

Didn't find the right color?

We produce your desired color to measure.

We can realize special colors or effects according to color samples or Pantone/RAL color codes. Slight deviations up to dE ≤ 2.0 are possible due to different color measurement systems.