LuxArt® colours:

unique light-cured esthetics.

The invicon design material LuxArt® is available in a wide range of standard colours, which can also be mixed with each other. The depth of colour can be adjusted via its layer thickness. In addition, we can create individual custom colours according to Pantone* and RAL* codes, or from colour samples*.


* Slight deviations up to dE ≤ 2.0 are possible due to different colour measuring systems.

Significant benefits:

  • No mixing of materials necessary
  • Quick and accurate material coating
  • No material contamination
  • High material yield
  • No unwanted light curing
  • No settling out of pigments

LuxArt® cartridge 40g

LuxArt® cartridge 5g

LuxArt® colourframe:

The design material in a wide selection of standard colours

Didn't found the correct color?

We produce your custom colour.

We realize colours and effects specially for you to fit your colours samples or Pantone/RAL -colourcodes. Small aberrations up to dE ≤ 2.0 are possible because of different colour measurement systems.