Offer September to November 2019

CeraLux - Productive light curing

The new CeraLux volume light unit now makes the hardening of HyCeram®, LuxArt® or Luxon® materials particularly efficient and cost-saving.

The light-curing design composites LuxArt® or Luxon® can be used to create excellent colour elements on jewellery or watch objects. In addition, light-curing bonding materials (Bond II and Bond THX NF) provide a high bond strength of design composites to all metal substrates. These materials are introduced into the respective object in liquid form and then specifically hardened with blue light.

CeraLux can also be retrofitted with an optional nitrogen N2 set. This allows light curing under inert gas atmosphere. This produces high-gloss, hard colour elements completely without grinding and polishing; extremely fast and strikingly beautiful.

Nitrogen Kit
Sticktoff Kit


  • Voluminous exposure space of 30x30x30cm
  • 81 powerful blue light LED
  • All-round mirrored interior
  • Nitrogen light curing possible
  • Comfortable one-button operation
  • Completely noiseless operation
  • Careful, robust workmanship
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


Be of use

  • Fast light curing
  • Maximum utilisation of the light potential
  • High-gloss surfaces without polishing
  • Practical work
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Safe operation, even in demanding work environments
  • Fast amortisation of the investment

Technical data


300mm/350mm x 377mm x 310mm
(height front/rear x width x depth)


26 kg

Room volume Light curing

300mm x 300mm x 170mm

Electrical power

160 Watt

Number of LEDs

81 pieces

LED Wavelength range

465 – 475nm

Dimming range LED

1 -100% (default setting 74%)

Minimum curing time

1 second

Maximum curing time

99 minutes / 59 seconds


Recommended exposure times


Curing time

Bond II

10 minutes


30 minutes


15 minutes


10 minutes