Teamwork that connects

Your contact partner at invicon chemical solutions

Leading, developing and supporting the technical developments and processes at invicon is a workforce of interested, motivated, committed and, especially, communicative people. They are proven experts in their fields, as well as personal contact people for interested parties, users and customers from all over the world. Therefore, our consulting service knows no bounds - we speak and correspond in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Greek.


Marketing & Sales

Design & Maintenance
Hanni Bubendorfer-Kaiser

Sales Management & Project Coordination
Design & Maintenance
Gabi Niederwieser

Customer Service & Purchasing
Design & Maintenance
Mariana Georgoulis

Marketing & Application Technology
Angelika Schnetzer

Customer Service
Design & Maintenance
[Translate to EN:] Martina Schnetzer-Hofrichter
Martina Schnetzer-Hofrichter

Accounting & Human Resources
Design & Maintenance
Simonette Loböck

Head of research & development
Mike Nesensohn

Industrial Manufacturing Process
Design & Maintenance